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Equipoise Imaging, LLC has used its innovative spectral imaging techniques to change the world of antiquities imaging. Our EurekaVision system is being used to gather data with exquisite sensitivity and unparalleled color accuracy from some of the most treasured antiquities on the planet. Past and ongoing project partners include:

We apply tools first developed for scientific research that are ideally suited to applications in the arts and humanities. Techniques used in biotechnology, medical research, remote sensing and microchip evaluation are helping solve the riddles of the past, from discovery of archeological ruins to reconstruction of fossilized bones of early humans and bygone species, from detection of early life forms to probing ancient art objects.

Equipoise Imaging, LLC has broad success in using advanced imaging, analytical techniques, and computation for biotechnology and remote sensing applications, and is successfully applying this expertise to parallel problems in the humanities.

Recent and ongoing work with clients and partners in the cultural heritage, humanities, and remote sensing communities includes:

  • Multi-Spectral Imaging of ancient manuscripts to discover hidden writings
  • Spectroscopic Analysis of cultural heritage materials
  • Fluorescence Imaging for recovery of faint content and
    conservation studies of manuscripts and solid objects
  • Polarized Light Imaging of advanced materials and objects
  • Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy of documents in forensics
  • Video Microscopy, including spectral properties of dynamic scenes
  • Object Recognition
  • 3D Imaging of cultural heritage and art objects
  • Virtual 3D Reconstruction of museums objects

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Please contact Equipoise Imaging at tagidado@gmail.com